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We are a small IT company run from our home and we offer a good honest service that most big companies forget, we will always give you a low but economy related price weather it is fixing or upgrading a computer/laptop or helping with a modem, printer, screen and cables even recovering lost files.


We can also assist with microsoft office, if you want to know how to do somthing, extra tutering or mabye just need a little more computer skills. We can also assist with small business and home network layout, testing that is accurate and tidy Need secure video footage to check on your premisess, monitor staf hours at work as well as doing there payroll, then we can help with CCTV\IP camera installations and biometric Time Attendance clock and payroll system we are a business that want's to genirate profit but we will not in a way that will compamise the trust, best interest of our clients, We will also never misslead our client with empty promises or services, we will always look to have a family oriantated relationship with our customers Going with a populer or famous choice is not always the best or right joyce they don't always have the customers interest at heart.


We have just recently extended our service offering which now includes graphic design, web development, illustrations, copywriting and branding.

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